Sensory Training play equipment is new and inviting with an endless array of unique paths! An interlocking balance beam set offers fresh and sensory-rich tactile surfaces that enhance coordination using durable plastic construction and rubber feet to protect users of all ages. A neat addition to any gym or child care center, this set with raised bumps on the surface helps childrenĀ focus on their footing as they try paths, also providing a slight grip for added assistance in balancing skills. Safe interlocking tab and groove sections will not come apart when pushed or stepped on, making safety a top feature.

Stepping on raised surfaces invigorates sensory development and fine and gross motor skills during exploration. Teach crucial social and emotional skills when taking turns and grow in cognitive development while naturally motor planning and using depth perception.

Made out of durable plastic.
Ages 3 to 10
Simple and easy assembly


Apply to – Garden,Amusement park, kindergarten, pre-school,
residential area,etc.