Aplus Business Link Pvt Ltd is a well established company with a long experience in an international business and administration. With over 10 years of experience in toys and playground equipments in Nepal, we have specialized in installing all kinds of indoor and outdoor playground equipments for schools, hotels, amusement parks, housing and most recently the shopping malls.

We provide wide range of products related with toys, playground equipments and educational materials in conformity with international standard specifications. Our products are available all over the nation through our authorized distributors from different regions of Nepal making our company a one stop solution to our valued customer. Our sincere objective is mainly focused on supplying Quality products and Quality service. The biggest advantage of all in working with us is the confidence and satisfaction of the customer with our continuous support through experienced and highly trained staff of our company.

Human beings are bestowed with natural tendencies and psychological characteristics and the child develops these by interacting with their immediate environment. So the role of the adult or the educator is to create the environment through which the child can best develop in all areas of the human development. And certainly, the play equipments do play a significant role in unlocking unlimited potential in the development phase of the child.

Our products are very comfortable, luxurious and safe and it helps the children for their physical and mental development with the opportunity to be independent in exploring their mind.

We feel immensely privileged and honored to be associated with your esteemed organization and in return you will be assured of quality products and high degree of service from us.