• Description: 1. Multipurpose for basketball, football, balloon and bicycle etc. 2. Make pulls and pushes with the T shaped handle for easily pumping (90 °). 3. Compact size and light weight for convenient use or carry when traveling or at home.
  • Mini. Height: 30.5cm Max. Height: 51.5cm Metal Tube Diameter: 3cm Material: Metal & Plastic
  • Attention: 1. It is normal that the pump gets hot while using due to friction and the air is being compressed as you pump. 2. It is forbidden to use over 0.5 Mpa. 3. Don’t place in direct heat or sunlight for prolonged periods to avoid damage. 4. Don’t store in damp place, keep dry and against wet.
  • Package: 1 X Multipurpose Pump (With Bicycle Mount Clip) 1 X Ball Needle