The Sandpaper Letters are the first step toward reading. These letters are made from very fine-grained sandpaper, which allows children to engage their sense of touch, sight, and sound when they learn the letter sounds.
Vowels are mounted on pink or red cards, consonants on pale blue or medium blue cards. Some teachers introduce cursive first and other feel print letters are best. We vote for print (see item in the middle of the three stacks) because it provides a direct link to reading. Introduce your child to one letter at a time. Start with the letter c. Use your pointer and index fingers together to trace the letter as it is written. Say the sound of the letter when you trace it. Introduce letters a and t next.
Do not show your child how to blend the letters to form words. If he or she prompts you or says that the letter sounds form the word cat,affirm your child observation enthusiastically, and then move to the Movable Alphabet Letters.