Movable Alphabet Letters are letter cutouts of the lower case letters that allow your child to handle the actual letter shape. This tactile interaction with the letters themselves is an important
part of the learning process. If you make them yourself, cut out the letter shapes as shown in the picture above, with the spaces in the round parts of the b, d, o, and so forth cut out.
Vowels and consonants should be different colors. The letters are made out of sturdy glossy cardboard with rounded safety edges.
When your child has mastered about six to seven letter sounds using the Sandpaper Letters, introduce those same letters from the Movable Alphabet set. Introduce the c, a, and t. Show your
child how these letters form the word cat. There is a pretty strict methodology for presentation, which should be discussed in step-by-step detail in our Montessori Introduction to Reading, but the most important thing is to wait until your child is eager to work with letters and to minimize
instructional verbiage as you present the letter sounds and combinations.
Your child should work with the Movable Alphabet letters until he or she can form a variety of words without help.