A basketball hoop is a perfect present for children, but, oftentimes, placement is kind of a problem. When you place it in front of the house wall the front gets damaged and it is very laborious to pour concrete for an extra base for the post. With this mobile basketball hoop you do not have these problems. Your children can play whenever they want, wherever they want.

The height-adjustable basketball hoop is attached to a stable steel tube post. This way you can mount it flexibly and stow it in your garage or elsewhere again after the game. The sturdy base provides two plastic transport wheels. This way, it can be transported easily by one person. Despite its mobility the basketball hoop still provides enough stability, as a container at the lower end of the post can be filled with sand or water (up to 28 kg). The basketball hoop can be adjusted in height from 160 cm to 210 cm and is especially suitable for children and adolescents who are not tall or strong enough yet to own an original-height hoop. The board measures 71 x 45 x 2 cm and is equipped with the standardized hoop with a terylene net. All materials are weatherproof.