•  Curved Team Shelters are available in 8, 10 and 12 seat versions. All shelters are 2.05 metres high allowing full standing access, with a total external depth of 1.57 metres and an internal depth of 1.3 metres.
  •  Curved Team Shelters are available with a choice of red or blue seats. (Please specify when ordering)
  • 4mm thick clear copolyester side and back sheets
  • 3mm shatter proof polycarbonate sides
  • Individual injection moulded polypropylene seats
  • Please note: All Team Shelters are self-assembly. Team Shelters must be anchored correctly at all times. Freestanding versions should be fixed using suitable anchors such as spira-locks

8 Person Shelter

  • Complete with 8 individual red seats
  • 4m long x 2.05m high
  • 183.00 kg each

10 Person Shelter

  • Complete with 10 individual red seats
  • 5m long x 2.05m high
  • 218.00 kg each

12 Person

  • Complete with 12 individual red seats
  • 6m long x 2.05m high
  • 252.00 kg each